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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Hello to all. Well we have made it through the month of April, and have finally come to May. I hope that we start to see warmer days, and a lot less snow! The rain OK, but not to much. Our local farmers may be in trouble with there crops because of all the snow and rain we have been getting. Then there is the flooding that the state of Utah has been experiencing.

Well I have had to start all over with my Spinach. I only had 4 plants come up of the 162 that I planted back on April 6th. Not sure what the deal was. If it was a little too cold for them, or if it was because of the moisture that seemed to be in that box. So I took some time this fine Sunday morning, and weeded the few weeds I had in there. Took my fork to the dirt, and started once again. I did however leave the 4 plants that have started to grow there.

I also weeded the onions, and gave them some water today. They are looking good. I am hoping that over the next few weeks I will be able to take the covers off of the boxes, and just let the warm days take care of everything. I checked on the pumpkins today as well. They are doing wonderfully! I now have 7 plants up of the 8 seeds I sowed. Gave them a little water too. I have a few weeds coming up in that box, but nothing bad. I think I might let that one go a little longer before I weed it. Ive been leaving that one closed more than I have my other boxes. I've been trying to keep it as warm as I can in there. I'm hoping to get some really nice big pumpkins for Halloween.

I really wish that i could get some more stuff in the ground, and growing. I have about 3 weeks to my sons wedding, and a month to us starting to move. That is going to be an undertaking! I plan to move my garden boxes. So we are talking about 7- 3x6 boxes, and the dirt that is in them. Plus the watering system that runs underneath them. The new house we are moving to needs a ton of work to the yard, and even more work to the garden area. We have got fences to mend, and build before we will be able to move over the chickens, and ducks. I feel for the neighbors, they don't know whats coming at them. Then again maybe they will appreciate new neighbors that actually take care of the yard. Then again, I'm bringing them rosters, and chickens.......

Well happy gardening, and Welcome to May! I hope it turns out to be a warmer and dryer month then April.

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