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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grow Garden Grow!

I am excited! Things are growing and coming up in my garden. I'm going to back track just a little bit and bring everyone up to speed on what I have been doing in my garden since the beginning of March. I am also going to jump back to some Garlic that I planted back in October last year. I have been keeping a small note book on my phone of what I have been doing this year. I didn't do a very good job of keeping record last year, and I want to do better with it this year. So as to help anyone who may be fallowing this blog get a better understanding of what has worked, and not worked and maybe be able to better plan and prepare themselves for what ever they may be trying to grow.

Garden Notes

Watered the garlic and weeded it. First time watering it this season since planting it back in October. I also planted 158 Utah Yellow Spanish Onions. I still have enough seeds to plant that many again 3 more times.

Checked on the Onions. Still not seeing anything breaking ground. Little worried it has been a little cold, maybe too cold for them.

I'm really wanting to start planting my Spinach. Maybe tomorrow???

Checked on my Onions today. Great news! They have broke ground!!! I gave everything some water too. It was looking a little dry. : )

My husband helped me change out the cover on the box with the garlic. I changed it from an A frame to a Wagon cover. My Garlic are growing! They are getting taller. To the point that it was touching the top of the A frame covers. I gave them and the Onions a little water.

Opened up the ends of the boxes with the Onions and Garlic. It got to 68 degrees today. It was like a sauna in those boxes.Gave everything some water too. Don't want to burn or dry out my baby Onions. I started these onions from seeds. Not small bulbs. I have always in the past done bulbs. But this year, I'm trying something new.

I went over to my friends house and planted one of her boxes. It was so nice to get my hands in the dirt. She has been sick and has wanted to do some planting but has not been able to. So she said to come over and I could plant for her. I had a nice time in my crazy, busy, Saturday. I planted 2 tomatoes, 2 rosemary, 8 lettuce, 34 spinach, and 68 onion bulbs.

Ah! I played in my own dirt! That was so nice. My husband and the kids helped me. They kept the chickens at bay, while I turned the dirt and planted 162 Bloomsdale Long-Standing Spinach seeds. Also watered the Onions and the Garlic. There looking good! I'm Happy! My friend text me this morning and told me that the wind had blown off her cover, and that her tomatoes had frozen. I'm trying to talk my youngest son into mowing the front yard. Not all of it needs mowing. But its very un-even and doesn't look very well on the curb appeal. I'm very tempted to plant my pumpkins in the front box.

Well I did manage to get my son to mowe the front yard. After he was done with ours, he mowed our elderly neighbors to the east of us. The garden looks good and moist. Don't need to water anything. My Spinach seeds have not popped up yet. But it has been cold and a mix of rain and snow for the last 3 days. It looks like the sun is going to come out and warm things up nicely in those boxes. So perhaps that will stimulate those spinach seeds to germinate quicker. I think I may plant some pumpkin, carrots, and peppers today.

UPDATE 4/10//11
Well I planted 8 pumpkin seeds. Four Big Max. They can grow up to 70 inches around and 100 pounds or more. I also planted 4 Connecticut Field. Those should produce up to a 30 pound pumpkin. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. We are moving in June. But I figure if I get stuff in now, and it can establish a good root system. Maybe when i need to move stuff in June it will do alright.

Checked on my Spinach today. It's been a nice warm day. I was so hoping to see my Spinach breaking ground. No such luck..... I am a little concerned. This box seems to be holding a lot of moisture. I hope that my seeds are going to be OK. I guess I will just have to watch and wait a little more.

Great News! I have pumpkins!!! Four of the eight I planted are up and growing. These 4 are all of one kind. Sad thing is I can't remember which ones I planted at which end of the box.

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